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The team behind HealEn- “Team HealEn” – has been working in Sports Medicine, Chronic Pain Management, non-surgical Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders, Rehabilitation of Orthopaedic and Neurologic diseases, pre- and postsurgical Management for many years.

We live and breathe an integrated interdisciplinary approach.

With a holistic, humane and open mind-set, we are familiar with the complexities that comprise a person’s condition, in its structural, functional, psychological and social aspects and implications.

We are familiar and work with the interaction of these aspects, and we are used to accompany patients through that journey of a treatment or a rehab process, its phases, its challenges and its successes. Day by day. 

As individual as every person is, there are commonalities. The current scientific literature and clinical guidelines set the framework. They are, by nature, incomplete and more generic, therefore the clinical decision making process comes into play. In this context, we individualize, fine tune and bring it to life. 

 We bring all our knowledge into this program, which resembles the interaction and the thought process between medical doctors, therapists and patients / clients as close as possible. And we keep on interacting with the user, as we always do in a clinical setting. 

 We assess you and guide you along, comprehensively and tailored to your needs. 

 Of course, our team stands by to interact with you even more personally. Online sessions with our doctors or therapists, a meeting/ therapy in one of our therapy centres, the analysis of movement patterns during a program, all this completes our comprehensive care. 

 The smart and efficient combination of these elements makes the program flexible, reliable and very affordable. This is of paramount importance in rehabilitation and the treatment of chronic conditions, where the recovery processes take several months to yield sustainable results.

The HealEn Approach

HealEn offers the perfect harmony between anytime, anywhere physical therapy, combined with virtual sessions with experienced medical professionals and in-centre therapy at our class -leading treatment centres in select locations.

  • Detailed, explanatory 2500+ videos shot in 4k , guides you through each component of the exercises ensuring safety and progress throughout, just like a 1-on-1 session with your own physiotherapist.
  • Post exercise feedback allows for near real time therapy readjustment.
  • Availability to consult our experienced doctors anytime & anywhere.
  • Ability to book In-centre therapy sessions at our treatment centres at select locations through your own personal dashboard allowing simple and seamless yet highly effective experience.
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Meet Dr. Müller

Dr. Gerd Mueller, Co-founder and Director of AktivHealth, is passionately committed to raising the bar in India in the field of orthopaedic-neurology rehabilitation, sports medicine and medical training therapy (MTT). As a renowned European orthopaedic specialist with six successfully established centres in his home country, Germany, Dr. Mueller’s goal is to apply the best of European standards, expertise and experience to the field of Indian orthopaedic rehabilitation. Dr. Mueller’s approach is a combination of both active and passive therapy enabling people to function better in their daily lives.

Meet our team

HealEn USP


Multi-speciality integration

Medical Diagnosis
Functional status
Psycho-social implications

AI driven treatment algorithm

Real time therapy re-adjustment
Progression charting
Clinical escalation pathways

30k+ Happy patients

2500+ Exercise videos
1000+ Conditions treated
500+ Pre-operative & Post-operative modules

Patient specific progression

Individual Patient
profile Equipment availability
Session feedback
Data Driven

5M+ clinical data points

Standardized patient variables
1M+ Exercise combinations
International treatment guidelines

Online & Offline harmony

App based therapy
In-center therapy
Integration with external therapy providers
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Medical Diagnoses

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Medical Videos

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Patient Variables

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